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Catch 22 Media provides the very best stock media for a variety of platforms. From our impressive production music library, modern and fresh loops, and exciting sound effects, Catch 22 Media have the right digital stock for your digital world.

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About us

We provide a range of professional stock items for companies all over the globe. The Catch 22 Music production library sells all over the world to various markets, and we are continually creating more and more fresh music.

Music composition for films is our forte, and our favorite genre to compose in is Horror and Thriller. If you are a director or producer looking for some great horror music for your next film, then do get in touch.

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What's new

01/03/11 - Lots of new placements and music deals for the Catch 22 Music production library over the last few weeks, and our loop library is really starting to grow - www.looplibrary.com have recently taken on our collection and are selling it to their clients! 

A Haunted Night Street Chase - Just one of the many great Horror tracks in our production music library -